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If you are looking for interesting information about JoJo Siwa, you are in a great place because on this site you will find the most interesting facts about this young artist such as JoJo Siwa phone number, email, biography, age, height, weight and much more. So maybe from the beginning. Joelle Joanna Siwa is known to most people as JoJo Siwa. She was born May 19, 2003 at Omaha, Nebraska, United States. JoJo’s mom Jessalynn is the owner of the dance studio called “Just Dance”. Her mom Jessalynn was born in 1974 and her daddy Tom was born in 1970. Her father is a Chiropractor at Northwest Chiropractic. JoJo Siwa has a 3 year older brother Jayden.

JoJo Siwa biography

Jojo Siwa is now a very famous celebrity of the younger generation. She is gifted in many directions. This young girl is a dancer, singer and even an actress. As you can see, she is really a very talented star, because the number of her fans is constantly growing which shows that she is liked by many people. JoJo gained great popularity after attending the second series of Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition in which she was the youngest participant. She was one of the 5 finalists in this competition. The next step in her career was attending the Dance Moms reality show where JoJo Siwa starred with her mother Jessalynn.

Quick facts about JoJo Siwa:

Name: JoJo Siwa (Full Name Joelle Joanie Siwa)
Famous as: Dancer, Singer, Model, TV Personality
Date of birth: 19 May 2003 AD
Born in: Omaha, Nebraska, United States
Sun sign/Zodiac sign: Taurus
Height: 5′ 1″ (1.55 m) / 5′ 6″ (1.68 m)
Weight: 44 kg or 97 pounds
Parents: Tom and Jessalynn Siwa
Siblings: Jayden Siwa (older brother)
Education: mostly homeschooled
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Blonde (naturally Brown hair color)

JoJo Siwa phone number, email address and other forms of contact.

Undoubtedly, JoJo Siwa is a person who has achieved a great deal of success at a very young age. So far, her most successful song is BOOMERANG, which has been viewed more than 250 million times in less than a year since its publication. Jojo is very willing to be involved in social media. She has 3,3 million subscribers on youtube, 5,6 million followers on instagram, over 270,000 followers on twitter and over 320,000 likes on facebook which makes her one of the most popular social media celebrities. Under her videos, tweets, posts, there are many comments from fans who want to contact her. Unfortunately, most comments are probably never read by her anyway. The best solution would be direct contact like JoJo Siwa phone number or email address but one such data is almost impossible to obtain.

JoJo Siwa phone number, email and other forms of contact

Most people think that data like JoJo Siwa phone number and email are practically impossible to obtain and they are all right. Of course there are ways to contact him directly, such as the contact form in the link below. You can also write a text message or even a direct call, just use JoJo Siwa cell phone number. Probably now most of you are wondering what is Jojo Siwa’s phone number? Very good question. With unofficial information, it is known that recently there was a leak of contact data of some of the biggest celebs. As you probably already know, there was also JoJo Siwa’s real phone number. If you are curious whether this JoJo’s number is genuine, you can check it by clicking on the link below.

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    Love you JoJo, I always wanted to get your number I live in Nigeria so that’s why I can never see you I wanna sign up for Nickelodeon wish me luck love you may GOD bless you and your family Amen and FYI my name is also Joelle or Joanna